Study in Australia: why you should study in Australia

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Why Study in Australia!
The Australian Dream!


We all ask ourselves the same question: what's the best way to reach a successful career? To start and finish your studies in your home country, or challenge yourself and go abroad?
It is now a reality, English has become the main international language, therefore it is compulsory for you to speak the language if you want to find a job or to improve your career opportunities.

English speaking countries: pros and cons:

If you compare English speaking countries in the world, here are the challenges waiting for you:

  • USA: they have some of the best universities, that's true, but they also are extremely expensive! It is a relatively welcoming country but it can also become really violent (mass killings in schools, universities and religious centres, which are not reassuring) and extreme in terms of religion.
  • UK: it is an easily accessible country for all Europeans and the Universities' reputation is excellent, but it's still Europe (no real personal challenge), the economy is slowing down like the rest of Europe and it's far from being an exotic destination. The rain is as famous as in Paris.
  • Canada: It's a Welcoming Country, but the cold weather there is extreme. If you are an amateur of sun and warm temperature, think twice before going there. :-)
  • South Africa: it is mainly the political instability which makes this country dangerous and not really attractive. You don’t want to go to a destination where you have to watch your bags and your back constantly!
  • Malta: it's still Europe... English is one of the official language, but not a native one and graduating from Malta won't really improve your CV. Moreover, it is a tiny country, you can quickly run out of things to do over there.
  • New Zealand: this country is such a mysterious island, located on the other side of the world, but not many people know about it, it offers easy but limited career opportunities and quite poor weather...
  • Hong Kong-Singapore: these are famous cities, with a growing economy, but these cities are extremely polluted, especially Hong Kong. English is not a native language and it is quite tough to befriend the local population. You generally end up staying with other expats.
  • Australia: the country is indeed on the other side of the world, but it enjoys some of the best universities. Highly welcoming country with a nice weather all year long (according to the National Weather Bureau, Sydney has 340 sunny days per year), extraordinary beaches where you can surf everyday (Australia has more than 25,000 km of Coastline, you have the choice!), breathtaking landscapes (Ayers Rock is one in many more, knowing that Australia has hundreds of National Parks), unique fauna (who else can say they have Koalas and Kangaroos on their territory), a strong economy (only 5% unemployment rate).

Australia, the best choice to make! 

No hesitation, Australia will please you at once! It gathers all the positive aspects to offer you an unforgettable and successful experience. Furthermore, it's a trendy destination for young people, especially since it is one of the rare countries that has survived the financial crisis so well. Australia was able to successfully anticipate and smartly confront this economic tsunami.

You will benefit from this economic wisdom during your study stay Down Under by learning from it so that you can also be wiser.

Study in Australia

You'll make friends and have a good time in Australia!


Moreover, everything is much easier in Australia if you wish to study there:

  • The Student Visa application is online, 
  • You may be granted your student visa between 7 days and 2 months after you lodged your application (according to your nationality)
  • You will be able to work as soon as your course starts!
  • You can change your educational provider after 6 months if you are not happy with your course (conditions apply)
  • Australia has the most sophisticated international student protection scheme, called the ESOS act : this is a legal frame which main objective is the protection of all international students. Click here for further details 

The toughest part is to find your preferred area of studies and the right establishment in Australia. There are so many that it is easy to get lost within all the websites and their information. (cf: Article on Visas)

This is where we can guide you, advise you and assist you all the way. You need our help? Click here (contact form link)

See you soon in Australia!